July 1 on the Balabit site homepages (support.balabit.com and my.balabit.com) Balabit customers have transitioned to the One Identity Support Portal. Your account and license information along with tickets, software and product documentation were migrated. Click here for the One Identity Support Portal.

Balabit Career

What is Balabit?

The accumulation of the knowledge and experience of brilliant and devoted people, and a place where you can even laugh even at the nerdiest jokes. It is also an exciting workplace, providing you with answers to your questions and feedback on your ideas and efforts. A place where your projects can be just as engrossing as a good TV show or an exciting game. And last but not least: one of the world's leading IT security software vendors with approximately a million open source users from all over the globe.


We take care of work-life balance

  • You can arrive early to the office or you can sleep
    in sometimes
  • We have flexible working hours
  • Life is not only about work, we like to relax


We believe in improvement

  • We have internal trainings
  • You can go to external trainings
  • You can participate in professional events
  • You can practice mentoring here


We are leaders in IT-security

  • We have cool products
  • We try to make the world a better place with them
  • We are fast-growing, professional and agile

The Values we are proud of

The values have grown naturally through our history and reflect some fundamental attitudes that have applied throughout the years. They express our way of working with each others as colleagues and with our customers and the world around us. It is characteristic of Balabit that the task and its solution are in focus - it is but what we do that counts.

Both as a company and as individuals, we do not promise more than we can keep, but we try to keep more than we promise. In all our activities we emphasize using resources with care.


  • We are passionate about our work.
  • We want to achieve something we can be proud of .
  • We aim to do excellent rather than sufficient, and inspire others to do so.
  • We focus on customer value.
  • We don't need policy for everything to know what is allowed/prohibited or good/bad.


  • We are honest.We do share information with all our parties proactively and continuously.
  • We seek possibility to hold courses and presentations in topics that we mastered.
  • We are aware that making mistakes are part of doing hard work and correcting them is also part of it.


  • We realize that we might think differently about things and have different priorities and we respect .
  • We never exclude someone because of differing views and priorities in personal life (friends, family, religion, politics etc).
  • We actively work on understanding their points of view and learn from it personally and professionally whenever possible.
  • We strive to make the team work well functionally, pay attention, look for and fix problems that arise.


  • We are proud of the achievements of yesterday but today we are eager to face the next challenge.
  • We never stop learning.
  • Today we want to do things better than yesterday.
  • We aim to understand the reason behind processes and get the big picture.
  • We do not stop at realizing the problem but also take steps to resolve it.