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Balabit Career

Meet us!

We believe in life long learning! We frequently participate in professional events where we can learn from others and we represent our speakers who can share knowledge that we accumulate at Balabit.

You can meet us in many IT Security-related events both in Hungary and worldwide.

We are famous for our internal trainings: any of our colleagues can organize trainings in any topics that can be interesting for others. We are ready to open our doors for external visitiors, too!

We are not active only in Budapest but we organize the Veszprém Technology Meetup.

We are proud of our Open Academy conference held twice a year - in spring session one for developers, in autumn another one for devops, sysadmins, engineers. In November 2015 we had our 10. Open Academy. Are you curious of news and would like to join our community? Click on our Open Academy Facebook page!

Meet our team at conferences and events!

We'll surely participate in these upcoming ones:

  • 20th April: We are also interested in regional job fairs mostly if we are speaking of Veszprém - the story of the company has started there and we have a great development team in Veszprém. Meet in Pannon University Jobfair! We are opened to speak both with students and graduated experts, see you there!
  • 27th April. See you at Full Stack Meetup!
  • 28-29th April: We believe in life long learning and Craft Conference is a great venue to learn from the bests. We'll be out also with Balabit booth, don't hesitate to say hello to us there and let's chat! :)

If you are interested in regionall events, we organize Veszprem Technology Meetup where presenters from various companies share their knowledge and best practices with participants. Check the meetup event page here.

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