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Balabit Career - Linux System Developer

Linux System Developer

If You
  • Solve problems by getting to and eliminating the root cause
  • Are passionate about Linux programming and eager to deliver quality results
  • Are enthusiastic about network and security technologies
  • Are a creative problem solver with an analytical mind
  • Think in systems in general
  • Are willing to continuously learn and improveĀ 
You are going to enjoy working in our team

What your tasks will be
  • Thinking and working as part of an agile team, interacting with other teams
  • Developing a custom Linux distribution, environment and appliance for the PAM product portfolio
  • Designing various parts of the OS configuration including: networking, iptables, storage and other essential system components
  • Using container technologies to deploy software
  • Dealing with OS packages, applying security updates
  • Developing and improving automated testing processes

  • Experience in Linux system administration
  • Experience in development for Linux systems
  • Knowledge of script languages like Python and Shell
  • TCP/IP networking knowledge
  • Knowledge of any version control system (we use git)
  • Confident knowledge of English. (reading and writing documentation)

On the plus side
  • Contribution to Open Source projects
  • Knowledge of virtualization and cloud technologies
  • Experience in development tools (debugging, profiling, finding memory leaks etc.)
  • Experience in system programming
  • Experience in Linux packaging

You should choose Balabit, because
  • We have highflyer Linux experts uniqly in Hungary
  • Cozy athmosphere
  • Here you can work on open source projects
  • You can learn a lot about your profession and more
  • We value the sharing of knowledge
  • You will have all the freedom, tools and company you need to create
  • We let you catch a break and unwind whenever you need to
  • Our offices are cozy without being oppressively trendy