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Balabit Career - Software Engineer for SSB

Software Engineer for SSB

What is Balabit, you ask? It is the accumulation of the knowledge and experience of brilliant and devoted people, and a place where people can laugh even at the nerdiest jokes. It is also an exciting workplace, providing you with answers to your questions and feedback on your ideas and work efforts. A place where your projects can be just as engrossing as a good TV show or an exciting game. And last but not least: one of the world's leading IT security software vendors with approximately a million open source users from all over the globe.
We are looking for Software Engineer in our Syslog-ng Store Box (SSB) team.
SSB is an enterprise grade central log management software to collect and process hundreds of thousands incoming log messages within a second. It is heavily used by the major fortune top 500 companies worldwide.
If you join to our journey, you will work on the following topics:
  • Extending our archiving capabilities to enabling better interoperability
  • New monitoring system to understand what is happening within the system (eg.: throughput, performance and stability)
  • Central and remote management via REST API
  • Extending networking capabilities (IPv6, flexible network handling)
These features require a good team player with complex and critical thinking.
Do you know what does it mean the full stack development? Because we know and we are using the following technology stack:
  • C, PHP, JavaScript (+Angular), Python, Unix shell scripting
  • Mostly Linux, but sometimes Unix and/or Windows; Hadoop
  • HTTPS, DNS, TCP/IP, UDP, OpenSSL, routing, NTP, NFS, Samba, Kerberos, SNMP
  • Git, continuous integration (Jenkins)
  • We are practicing OOP, Clean Code, SOLID, secure coding, TDD and Agile
If you have experience in some of the above topics and you have strong skills to solve complex problems and you would like to learn the rest of them, then you would be a good candidate.

Why choose Balabit?
  • Because here you can work on open source projects.
  • Because with us you can contribute to the development of professional products that make the world a safer place.
  • Because with us you can learn a lot about your profession and more.
  • Because we value the sharing of knowledge.
  • Because here you will have all the freedom, tools and company you need to create.
  • Because we let you catch a break and unwind whenever you need to.
  • Because our offices are cozy without being oppressively trendy.

Location: Budapest, XI. district

How to apply: 
Should you be interested in this opening and fulfill the requirements, please submit your professional resume to us via the following page, indicating the job title in your application: