Balabit Career - Director of Engineering, PAM Budapest

Director of Engineering, PAM Budapest

The challenge:

Balabit Privileged Access Management product controls & monitors privileged user activity. It is a quickly deployable enterprise device, completely independent from clients and servers - integrating seamlessly into existing networks. It captures the activity data necessary for user profiling and enables full user session drill down for forensic investigations and applies machine learning algorithms in the security domain. For us, data science is not just something that helps the decisionmaking: it is the product itself. 

Balabit PAM is completing the One Identity PAM portfolio, so as a whole it becomes able to provide all important functions of a comprehensive Privileged Access Management solution: password management, session management, Active Directory Bridging and Privilege Delegation and Escalation.

Our products play in a unique field: we are building security products for enterprise customers. That means the expectations are high but also means the possibility to work closely with people protecting the largest and most secure IT infrastructures of the world. You need to understand the needs of enterprise customers and deliver a product that meets their expectations.

Your task is to become the leader of the PAM engineering team in Budapest. Your primary responsibility is to manage the larger product team of roughly 50-55 engineers and organize their day-to-day work aligned to our 8 week release train. In this role you would be collaborating closely with Product Management, various stakeholders of the PAM products and synchronize development with the PAM developer’s center in Lindon, Utah, USA.

We believe in cross-functional teams and albeit we have specialist roles (like data scientists, UX and QA engineers), our intention is to grow everyone into a generalist, full-stack role.

Our products are pretty technical in nature, thus we cover a pretty broad technology stack. We write code in JavaScript, Python, PHP, Scala, C/C++. We have to understand and resolve problems concerning the Linux kernel, low  level platform as well as our own application code. We heavily use automation in QA and release management to cope with the complexity while keeping our pace.

The role:
We are seeking a hands-on manager and leader for the  Privileged Access Management engineering team. The team consists of roughly 50-55 engineers today and is structured as 6-8 smaller cross-functional Scrum teams, distributed in our Veszprem and Budapest offices. Each scrum team owns a chunk of the larger product and consist of an Agile Team Leader, software engineers, QA engineers, UX specialists and data scientists, as needed. Each of the teams have a Product Owner, delegated by Product Management. 

The Dir of Engineering, PAM’s responsibility is three fold:
  • manage the entire PAM engineering teams with the involvement of Agile Team Leaders (people management, expectation management, recruitment, performance reviews, personal improvement plans, etc)
  • plan and execute our 8 week delivery cycle
  • facilitate and drive technical decisions, ensure that we have a sound technology strategy with the involvement of our engineering teams in general and our lead devs in particular.
Significant portions of the PAM portfolio are engineered in Lindon, Utah, USA and synchronization of the engineering effort is needed between these locations.
As a part of this job, it is important that you understand the problem space we are providing solutions for (e.g. IAM/PAM) and the customer segment (e.g. enterprise customers).

We are searching for you, If you…
  • have an engineering background and used to work as a seasoned engineer and later turned to a management role
  • have a track record of managing engineering teams both directly (e.g. ScrumMaster, Team Lead or similar role) and indirectly (e.g. VP Engineering, Director of Engineering or similar role)
  • have a good understanding of agile and are able to customize it as needed
  • are familiar with or interested in the cyber security ecosystem in general, Identity Management or Privileged Access Management in particular.
  • are able to drive, guide or make technical decisions in collaboration with the engineering team
  • are willing to create exciting product for global enterprises from the Budapest office.
What your tasks will be:
  • Manage the team (both people and project wise) to deliver exciting new functionalities in our PAM offering.
  • Represent the team to stakeholders & represent the product and the larger organization to the team.
  • Plan and execute our 8 week release train, ensure that we have a clear understanding where we are and that we react properly to inevitable changes.
  • Keep the team focused: there’s a clear ladder of priorities in how we deliver functionalities, and we need to keep our focus to ensure that the most important is always delivered.
  • Providing your inputs to product management, be an active participant in the product/dev discussions.
  • Participating in project planning, reviews, sprint and release planning, demos.
  • Continuously seeking to improve the product and the development process.
  • College or university degree (preferably in IT)
  • 3-5+ years of track record in the following roles:
◦    software engineer or QA engineer
◦    ScrumMaster or Team Leader
◦    Director/VP of Engineering, or at least working as a direct report of one with a similar size
  • Sufficient expertise in the creation of a product, in contrast with projects
  • A good understanding of agile development processes & tools
  • Proficient English knowledge both verbal and written
  • Presentation skills and ability to work in a team
  • Willingness to travel (up to 5-10%)
  • Detailed technical knowledge in the field of architecture, networking, IT security or enterprise IT infrastructure
  • Knowledge of Linux systems on the system administration level
  • Work experience in small and distributed organizations

Why choose Balabit?
  • Because with us you can contribute to the development of professional products that make the world a safer place.
  • Because with us you can learn a lot about your profession and more.
  • Because we value the sharing of knowledge.
  • Because here you can work on open source projects.
  • Because here you will have all the freedom, tools and company you need to create.
  • Because we let you catch a break and unwind whenever you need to.
  • Because our offices are cozy without being oppressively trendy.
Location: Budapest or Veszprém 
How to apply:
Should you be interested in this opening and fulfill the requirements, please submit your professional resume to us via the following page, indicating the job title in your application.
Hope to meet you soon!