Balabit Career - Junior/trainee Developer (Budapest)

Junior/trainee Developer (Budapest)

A well-known Hungarian software company is looking for C and Python developers to support our master plan to rule the world.

If you take pleasure in working by well-defined specifications in a peaceful environment developing baby thermometer software in a thousand strong team, then you are in luck since there are thousands of jobs like this – at other companies.

At us, however, every day is like travelling on USS Enterprise when its center reactor fails just before the hyper jump.
To further complicate the matter, our clients choose us
  1. Because either they dispose over a substantial amount of the world’s gold reserve;
  2. Or store nuclear weapons by the server room;
  3. Or are just worried about their latest blueprint for a spaceship.
And we are being serious.
Although it is top secret we must say that we expect you to write code for parsing, recording, interpreting and reproducing different communication protocols.

Location: Budapest, XI. district
To apply
Do not try to find us, we will find you.
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