Agile Team Leader for the syslog-ng team

What is Balabit? The accumulation of the knowledge and experience of brilliant and devoted people, and a place where you can laugh even at the nerdiest jokes. It is also an exciting workplace, providing you with answers to your questions and feedback on your ideas and efforts. A place where your projects can be just as engrossing as a good TV show or an exciting game. And last but not least: one of the world's leading IT security software vendors with approximately a million open source users worldwide, and many demanding commercial customers. Things never get dull here.

We are currently looking for an Agile Team Leader to join our syslog-ng development team. syslog-ng is used to solve many of the world’s most complex organisations’ log management challenges. It is a critical component at companies like Facebook and Société Générale. It works on the management of data from the Large Hadron Collider, and collects logs on the BMW i3. As one of our users recently put it on Twitter: “If syslog-ng gets any more advanced, it is going to become self-aware. @balabit is doing amazing things with syslog.”
What your tasks will be:
  • Leading a team of 9 engineers
  • Taking responsibility for the continuous growth of your team both as individual professionals and as a team
  • Mentoring and coaching individuals, facilitating team events
  • Ensuring visibility of team goals, progress and problems
  • Working closely with product owners and peer team leaders to remove impediments and to help your team deliver
  • Collaborating with the HR team to attract, onboard and retain talent
  • Managing conflicts, facilitate a healthy feedback culture
  • Working with a global open source community to help contribute to syslog-ng open source edition

If you
  • Have 5 years of software engineering experience preferably in Linux, Unix system programming
  • Have a solid background of working with agile processes and agile engineering practices
  • Have some experience in leading engineers
  • Make no time for blame but take the initiative to fix the problems you spot
  • Are composed, self confident who brings energy to a team
  • Are curious, always on the look to learn or discover something new
  • Are enthusiastic about delivering solutions to pressing problems of real customers
  • Enjoy helping people to learn and accomplish results
  • Are fascinated by technology, interested in big data technologies like Hadoop, Elasticsearch, Kafka
  • Have a good command of English
You are going to enjoy working in our syslog-ng team.
Why choose Balabit?
  • Because with us you can contribute to the development of professional products that make the world a safer place.
  • Because with us you can learn a lot about your profession and more.
  • Because we are growing fast and growth creates new opportunities all the time.
  • Because we value the sharing of knowledge.
  • Because here you will have all the freedom, tools and company you need to create.
  • Because we let you catch a break and unwind whenever you need to.
  • Because our offices are cozy without being oppressively trendy