Balabit Career - Linux System Developer

Linux System Developer

What is Balabit, you ask? It is the accumulation of the knowledge and experience of brilliant and devoted people, and a place where people can laugh even at the nerdiest jokes. It is also an exciting workplace, providing you with answers to your questions and feedback on your ideas and work efforts. A place where your projects can be just as engrossing as a good TV show or an exciting game. And last but not least: one of the world's leading IT security software vendors with approximately a million open source users from all over the globe.

We are currently looking for a Linux System Developer to join our creative and enthusiastic team in Budapest.

If You
  • believe in Open Source as we do. (
  • are enthusiastic about network and security technologies. 
  • are passionate about Linux programming and eager to deliver quality results.
  • are creative problem solver with an analytical mind.
  • solve problems by eliminating the root cause.
  • think in systems in general.

You are going to enjoy working in our team.

What your tasks will be
  • Thinking and work together with an agile team. 
  • Developing the configuration management software for Balabit’s products.
  • Designing various parts of the OS configuration including: networking, iptables, RAID, other essential system components.
  • Using container technologies to deploy software on the hardware.
  • Dealing with OS packages, apply security updates.
  • Developing and improving testing methods for our products.
  • Paying maximum attention to potential users' demands.
  • Continuously improving your and your teammates' skills.

  • At least 1-2 years experience.
  • Experience in Linux system administration.
  • Experience in development for the Linux  system.
  • Knowledge of script languages like Python and Shell.
  • TCP/IP networking knowledge.
  • Knowledge of any version control system (we use git).
  • Confident level of English. (reading and writing documentation).
  • Openness to new experiences and learning.
  • Ability to work in a team.

On the plus side
  • Knowledge of virtualization and cloud technologies.
  • Experience with development tools (debugging, profiling, finding memory leak etc.).
  • Contribution to Open Source projects.
  • C development experience is an extra.
  • Familiarity with web development technologies is an extra.
  • Familiarity with XML technologies.

Why choose Balabit?
  • Because here you can work on open source projects.
  • Because with us you can contribute to the development of professional products that make the world a safer place.
  • Because with us you can learn a lot about your profession and more.
  • Because we value the sharing of knowledge.
  • Because here you will have all the freedom, tools and company you need to create.
  • Because we let you catch a break and unwind whenever you need to.
  • Because our offices are cozy without being oppressively trendy.

Location: Budapest, XI. district

How to apply: 
Should you be interested in this opening and fulfill the requirements, please submit your professional resume to us via the following page, indicating the job title in your application: